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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Motorcycle Accident / 4 Reasons Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Are So Dangerous

4 Reasons Maryland Motorcycle Accidents Are So Dangerous


A motorcycle ride is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery and weather in Maryland, with the open design allowing you to breathe in the fresh air and get closer to excellent views. Unfortunately, the sensation of freedom that you get with this openness comes at a cost. Motorcyclists are disproportionately affected by crashes, and statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MD DOT) are proof. On average, 73 motorcyclists lose their lives in collisions and another 1,172 are injured statewide. When you consider that there are 1,395 motorcycle accidents, the numbers indicate that a rider is killed or hurt in almost 90 percent of all incidents.

Any traffic crash is dangerous, but several factors cause these disproportionate effects. Motorcycles are entirely safe when riders use caution; the problem is that you cannot prevent negligent driving by other motorists. An Owings Mill motorcycle accident lawyer can help with your legal remedies if you were hurt or lost a loved one, and it is useful to review the hazards. 

  1. No Protective Metal Shell: Not being enclosed in a vehicle is exactly what attracts many riders to motorcycling, but this means there is nothing to act as a shield and distribute the violent energy of a crash. The motorcyclist bears the entire brunt of the collision. In addition, without a metal shell protecting a rider, he or she will almost always suffer a secondary impact. The victim is usually tossed to the asphalt surface of the road or another vehicle. 
  1. Two-Wheeled Design: A traditional motorcycle bears a narrow profile because it operates on two in-line wheels, enabling the rider to lean into curves. However, this aspect of the design also decreases stability. When thrown off balance by a pothole or other road obstruction, the motorcyclist can easily lose balance and control. Plus, two wheels mean less surface contact with the road, making skid-outs more likely. 
  1. Visibility: Drivers tend to overlook motorcycles because they are comparatively smaller than other motorized vehicles. A lower, narrower motorcycle often escapes a person’s peripheral vision, and careless drivers are usually not checking mirrors often enough. The campaign “Look Twice for Motorcycles” has raised awareness, but visibility remains a problem. 
  1. Motorcyclist Bias: Many drivers have preconceived notions about motorcycle riders as daredevils who take risks and operate their vehicles recklessly just for fun. This bias is dangerous because it often leads a motorist to not put a priority on safety considerations and compliance with traffic laws. Prejudice against motorcycle riders can even impact your rights when seeking compensation: A biased juror might unjustly find you to be at fault, reducing your monetary damages. 

Count on a Maryland Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Fight for Your Rights

Reviewing these factors is helpful, but crashes are still a threat when you share the road with negligent drivers. For more information about your legal remedies, please call 410-844-6000 or go online to reach Furman | Honick Law. We can set up a free consultation at our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore, MD.



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