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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Hospital Error Lawyer

Baltimore Hospital Error Lawyer

Many people like to avoid hospitals, and for good reason. While hospitals are helpful to those who need to undergo surgeries, emergency care, or extensive treatment, many mistakes happen there. Infections occur and patients are neglected. Patients may be given the wrong diagnosis or suffer from surgical errors.

A hospital error can cause sicknesses, injuries, and death. If this has happened to you or a loved one, seek legal help from a Baltimore hospital error lawyer from Furman | Honick Law. These cases can be complex, so we’ll determine liability and get you full and fair compensation.

Common Hospital Errors

A hospital error may have occurred, whether or not it is harmful to the patient. Errors are more likely to occur if the procedure is new, if the medical condition is severe, or if the patient is very young or very old. High error rates tend to occur in operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency departments.

The most common hospital errors include:

  • Adverse drug events. Some drugs don’t interact well with each other. Plus, a patient may be allergic to them or experience severe side effects.
  • Many patients are not properly diagnosed. Sometimes doctors fail to perform thorough testing to find the correct cause of a patient’s symptoms.
  • Undertreatment and overtreatment. Many patients suffer due to a lack of treatment. There are also patients who experience the opposite. Overtreatment is done by doctors due to fear of medical malpractice, but it often has no benefits for the patient.
  • Surgical errors. Operations always come with risks. Wrong-site surgery is common, as is leaving surgical tools inside the patient’s body. Anesthesia errors and infections can also occur.
  • Bed sores. Patients who are immobile cannot turn over on their own, so they need assistance from nurses. When they stay in one place for too long, they can develop bed sores. Severe bed sores may develop infections and sepsis, which can be deadly.
  • Hospitals are full of sick people, which means thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting is necessary. Materials and equipment can easily get contaminated with bacteria, causing pneumonia, staph infections, and many other infections.
  • A patient is subject to a fall if they are lifted improperly by a nurse or doctor who then drops them. Also, a patient may suffer a fall if they try to get out of bed on their own when they’re supposed to. A fall can lead to broken bones, head trauma, and other serious injuries.

Contact Furman | Honick Law Today

An error in a hospital can lead to infection, injuries, a worsened condition, or even death. It’s important to hold hospitals and their staff accountable for their negligence.

Hospital errors should not be treated lightly. Get the legal help you need from the team at Furman | Honick Law. Our experienced team will handle your claim the right way. To schedule a free consultation with a Baltimore hospital error lawyer, fill out the online form or call (410) 844-6000.