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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Owings Mills Personal Injury

Owings Mills Personal Injury Lawyer

A person can get injured at any time. They may end up in a car crash. They may slip and fall at the grocery store. They may get hurt by a tractor while working on a construction site. They might get injured by a defective product. Maybe they suffered an injury due to a doctor’s medical malpractice. When a person is injured due to negligent or reckless behavior by a third party, they may be able to sue for the damages they have suffered. A personal injury lawsuit can help a person recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

The lawyers at Furman | Honick Law have significant experience representing those who have suffered personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Contact our experienced Owings Mills personal injury lawyers to learn more about how we can help you.

Types of Personal Injury

Personal injuries can happen in many forms. Some common causes include:

  • Car accidents. Car crashes are the most common way in which injuries can occur. Car accidents happen every day and can range from minor to fatal, and everything in between. Common injuries include lacerations, whiplash, broken bones, back and neck injuries, head trauma, and internal injuries. These injuries can be long-term and even permanent, requiring extensive treatment.
  • Slips and falls. Anytime you go out in public, you can be injured by slipping and falling. These accidents can happen on stairs, in parking lots, on sidewalks, in grocery stores, in restaurants, at work, and even in your own home. Many result in broken bones, back injuries, and brain damage.
  • Workplace accidents. When employers fail to implement safety measures, workers can get injured. Construction accidents are especially common (and deadly), but hazards can arise in any workplace, especially when machinery, vehicles, and heavy materials are involved.
  • Medical malpractice. Doctors are highly skilled but they’re not perfect. Medical mistakes happen more often than you may think. They often happen during surgery and can cause infections, injuries, worsened conditions, and even death.

Why Choose Our Firm

At Furman | Honick Law, our lawyers have litigated hundreds of personal injury cases ranging from any number of different scenarios. We have handled claims dealing with food poisoning, foreign objects found in food, food served too hot, work injuries, assaults, negligent bouncers and security personnel at an event or bar, ski accidents, pedestrians hit by a vehicle, ceiling collapses, mold in homes and apartments, and falling objects, to name a few. We fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We handle your case from start to finish. Because we take on a limited number of cases, we give your case the attention it deserves. We work hard to minimize your stress while maximizing your compensation. We can handle even the most complex cases.

We have heard it all and if you think you have a potential case, please give us a call. Our lawyers have significant experience representing individuals who sustained personal injuries because of someone else’s negligence. We will consider cases other firms do not wish to take on because they seem “too complex or difficult” and we will always try to help. Call to speak with a Partner today, not an answering service!

Our results speak for ourselves. We have recovered more than $60 million for our clients. Our award-winning lawyers have received numerous five-star reviews from satisfied clients.

Contact Furman | Honick Law Today

If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you need the right legal help on your side. You need someone who has handled similar cases before.

Furman | Honick Law can help with all your personal injury claims. No case is too big or complex. Our award-winning lawyers have won millions of dollars for clients. Schedule a free consultation with an Owings Mills personal injury lawyer today by calling our office at (410) 844-6000.