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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Lawyer

Baltimore Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Lawyer

A heart attack might seem like a condition that is impossible to miss, but doctors fail to diagnose this issue all the time in Baltimore. If this failure to diagnose has caused harm to you or your loved one, you might be considering legal action. How could doctors possibly miss the clear and obvious signs of a heart attack? Can you sue them for all the damages you have been forced to endure? These are questions you can ask during your first consultation with our experienced Baltimore failure to diagnose heart attack lawyer.

How Can a Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack Lawyer Help?

Many doctors deny all wrongdoing when accused of failing to diagnose a heart attack. If you pursue answers without legal assistance, you might find yourself facing a brick wall of denials and excuses. A medical malpractice lawyer can push back on your behalf, fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve.

These lawyers have the experience necessary to pursue positive results on your behalf. They are familiar with the medical field in Baltimore, and they can negotiate effectively with healthcare providers. If your case goes to a trial, they can gather the evidence necessary to prove that your doctors acted negligently.

How Might a Doctor Fail to Diagnose a Heart Attack?

The early signs of a heart attack should be easy to identify. Unfortunately, many doctors erroneously interpret these signs as totally unrelated illnesses. Sometimes, doctors mistakenly believe that a patient on the verge of a heart attack simply has heartburn. Others misdiagnose legitimate heart attack patients with upset stomachs. Some tell their patients that their issues are purely psychological, and that they are simply having panic attacks.

What Happens When a Doctor Fails to Diagnose a Heart Attack?

If a doctor fails to diagnose a heart attack, the risk of cardiac arrest increases dramatically. The patient may suddenly encounter life-threatening issues, and the doctor may be totally unprepared to deal with this unexpected development. At this point, it may be too late to give the patient the life-saving treatment they need.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack

If you believe your loved one died because their doctor failed to diagnose their heart attack, you can potentially file a “wrongful death lawsuit.” This type of lawsuit holds doctors accountable even after a patient’s demise. It can also provide grieving families with enough money to cover outstanding medical expenses. If you lost your spouse and you have children to feed, a lawsuit of this type can provide you with crucial income.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

If you’re ready to pursue justice, closure, and compensation for the medical malpractice you’ve experienced, contact Furman Honick Law. Our experienced lawyers have spent their careers guiding injured plaintiffs like you toward multi-million-dollar verdicts. The failure to diagnose a heart attack is simply unacceptable in this day and age. Contact our experienced Baltimore failure to diagnose heart attack lawyer now to review your legal options.