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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Hospital Infection Lawyer

Baltimore Hospital Infection Lawyer

When you visit a hospital, you expose yourself to all kinds of pathogens, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Hospital staff have a legal responsibility to sterilize and disinfect the entire premises on a regular basis. If these issues are not resolved, innocent people could suffer from serious infections. Aside from insufficient cleaning, other forms of negligence can also cause infections – such as failing to move a bedridden patient. If you believe that a hospital infection has harmed you or someone you love, consider a lawsuit. Speak with our experienced Baltimore hospital infection lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

How Can a Hospital Infection Lawyer Help Me?

You may struggle to prove that your hospital infection was caused by negligence. This becomes much easier with help from a qualified, experienced hospital infection lawyer. These legal professionals understand the various cleaning protocols that hospitals must follow, and they can hold healthcare providers accountable for violating their own policies.

Aside from gathering evidence of this negligence, a lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf. IN addition, they can fight for your rights during a trial – ensuring that you receive your fair share.

Suing Hospitals for Allowing Bedsores

One of the most common infections in Baltimore hospitals involves bedsores. These injuries are clear signs of neglect. They often only occur if hospital staff fail to move the patient on a regular basis. When bedridden patients lie in beds for long periods of time, they may develop harmful infections in the area where their skin touches the sheets.

Seniors and disabled individuals are particularly vulnerable to these infections. In some cases, they prove fatal.

Suing for Infected Hip Fractures at Hospitals

Another common type of infection occurs after a hip fracture. Again, this type of injury is particularly common among seniors. Hospital staff must take proper steps to sterilize the fracture. If they fail to take these simple steps, the hip fracture may become infected. This is a leading cause of death among seniors in Baltimore, and it is often 100% preventable.

Suing for Disease Infections at Hospitals

If you become infected with some kind of disease after visiting a hospital, you may have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Although it might be challenging to prove that your airborne illness occurred as a direct result of staff negligence, a lawyer can gather the necessary evidence on your behalf. Recent world events have shown how important proper sterilization can be in hospitals. Any deviation from strict cleaning policies can form the basis for a lawsuit.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

If you’re serious about pursuing legal action after a hospital infection, contact Furman Honick Law at your earliest convenience. Our experienced lawyers have helped numerous other patients pursue positive results over the years. We know how harmful hospital infections can be, and we understand that many of these infections are preventable. Contact our experienced Baltimore hospital infection lawyer today to hold negligent healthcare providers accountable.