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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Labor & Delivery Negligence Lawyer

Baltimore Labor & Delivery Negligence Lawyer

Labor and delivery should not be overly risky in a developed country like the United States, but many parents in Baltimore endure unacceptable harm when attempting to welcome their children into the world. If you are recovering from an injury you suffered at a Baltimore hospital during labor, you have the right to consider legal action. Furman Honick Law can help you review your options – including the possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit. To learn more, speak with our experienced Baltimore labor & delivery negligence lawyer today.

How Can a Labor & Delivery Negligence Lawyer Help Me?

A medical malpractice lawyer uses their investigative resources to determine who – or what – caused your labor injuries. These experienced lawyers understand the ins and outs of Baltimore’s healthcare industry – and they may be able to spot subtle signs of negligence. Once they have gathered the necessary evidence, they can prove negligence in court. Although negotiations with insurers are possible, Furman Honick Law has specific experience with medical malpractice trials.

What Are Some Examples of Labor & Delivery Negligence?

Labor is a very complex process, and doctors must approach delivery very carefully. Due to this complexity, there are many potential mistakes that could cause injuries. One of the most common injuries involves the improper use of forceps, which can cause injuries to both the mother and the child.

C-sections also lead to numerous errors. Some doctors may fail to order C-sections when they are clearly necessary – potentially threatening the lives of both mothers and children. Others order C-sections in a timely manner, but carry them out improperly. This might cause disfiguring injuries, fatalities, and infertility.

In addition, doctors must be extremely careful when administering medication during the delivery process. Medication errors are relatively common during labor, and they can cause irrevocable harm to both mothers and infants.

Sometimes, the failure to act can be just as serious as a negligent procedure. For example, doctors might fail to spot signs of fetal distress. They might fail to save the baby from issues such as asphyxia. In Baltimore, you can sue healthcare providers for both botched procedures and the failure to take action.

How Much Is My Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Worth?

To determine how much your lawsuit might be worth, first consider your damages. Start by adding up your economic damages, such as missed wages or additional medical expenses. Next, consider your non-economic damages, such as depression, emotional distress, disfigurement, and other psychological issues. You can recover compensation for both non-economic and economic damages after labor injuries.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

If you’re ready to explore your legal options, Furman Honick Law is here to help with the next steps. There are few legitimate excuses for labor and delivery injuries, and negligent doctors must be held accountable for putting families in danger. By filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, you could help make Baltimore’s healthcare system safer. You may also receive compensation for everything you were forced to go through. Book a consultation with our experienced Baltimore labor & delivery negligence lawyer today.