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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Laboratory Error Lawyer

Baltimore Laboratory Error Lawyer

Patients in Baltimore rely on accuracy and professionalism from laboratories in the area. Errors can cause serious harm, as these laboratories often provide crucial testing services for some of the most harmful diseases and illnesses imaginable. If you suffered direct harm because of a laboratory error in Baltimore, you may have the right to sue. To discuss the possibility of a medical malpractice lawsuit, contact our experienced Baltimore laboratory error lawyer at your earliest convenience.

How Can a Laboratory Error Lawyer Help Me?

If you accuse a laboratory of making an error without legal assistance, you might not get very far. The lab might dismiss your allegations with questionable excuses. They might not respond at all. With a lawyer at your side, however, the laboratory will understand that you’re serious about pursuing justice.

A lawyer can help you gather evidence of the error. They might point out serious mistakes that the laboratory made during testing, transport, and storage. They may also help you gather evidence of your injuries, lost income, and other damages. If necessary, a laboratory error lawyer can represent you during a trial and pursue a positive verdict on your behalf.

Common Causes of Laboratory Errors

A laboratory might make a mistake due to various factors. Here are some of the most common causes of lab errors in Baltimore:

  • Fatigue
  • Contamination of samples
  • Mislabeling samples
  • Testing for the wrong things
  • Losing test results
  • Losing samples
  • Improper storage
  • Improper transport

Note that the laboratory might not always be to blame. For example, the incorrect test result may have been caused by a nurse who took a blood sample in an incorrect manner. The storage or transport error may have occurred at a hospital or healthcare facility – and not a laboratory. These are issues your lawyer can investigate in more detail.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Occur After Laboratory Errors?

Laboratory errors can cause all kinds of injuries. Some of these issues may be fatal, while others may lead to permanent disability. Even if you suffered relatively minor injuries due to the lab error, you still deserve compensation for your damages. Here are a few examples of lab-error-related injuries:

  • Unnecessary treatment and procedures
  • Lack of necessary treatments
  • Unintentional infection of third parties
  • Worsening of illnesses that should have been treated earlier

File a medical malpractice lawsuit, and you can recover compensation for the various damages you might have experienced. For example, you could receive compensation for the cost of invasive treatment that would have been avoided if the lab had given you an accurate test result sooner.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

Although online research is a positive first step, a consultation with Furman Honick Law is the logical next phase on your journey toward justice. With our assistance, you can hold negligence laboratories accountable for their inexcusable errors. We can help you recover compensation for any damages you might have experienced – including medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and more. Reach out to our experienced Baltimore laboratory error lawyer today to get started.