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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Prescription Error Lawyer

Baltimore Prescription Error Lawyer

Baltimore residents put their lives in the hands of doctors every time they fill prescriptions. Medications can be extremely dangerous if not prescribed properly. Alternatively, patients may struggle with life-threatening issues if they do not receive certain medications. If a prescription error hurt you or someone you love, talk to Furman Honick Law. With help from our experienced Baltimore prescription error lawyer, you can pursue justice and compensation.

How Can a Prescription Error Lawyer Help Me?

A prescription error lawyer can investigate this incident and determine who made the mistake that caused your injuries. Once your lawyer has identified the negligent party, they can proceed with legal action on your behalf. Often, a medical malpractice lawyer will sue multiple parties for the same prescription error. These defendants might include the hospital, doctors, and pharmacists involved in your prescription error.

If necessary, your prescription error lawyer can represent you in court. Although some claims are settled outside of court, the most experienced medical malpractice attorneys can present evidence, give oral arguments, and cross-examine doctors during trials. The goal of every prescription error lawyer is to help you walk away with a fair level of compensation.

What Are Some Signs I Experienced a Prescription Error?

Sometimes, it is difficult to establish a causational link between your injuries and a prescription error. Often, doctors will attempt to dismiss your symptoms as having nothing to do with your prescription. However, they may be trying to cover their tracks and dodge liability. Here are some clear signs of prescription errors:

  • Nausea
  • Not enough pain relief
  • Loss of energy
  • Racing heart
  • Body temperature changes
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Death

If your loved one died immediately after taking medication, you should explore the possibility of a prescription error. This may be a particularly likely cause of death if they recently switched to a new medication, doctor, or pharmacist.

How Do Prescription Errors Happen?

Prescription errors happen for various reasons. Doctors often fail to realize that their patients are already taking other medications. Often, medications interact with each other and cause serious complications – including death.

In other situations, doctors may carry out improper screening methods while determining whether a particular medication is suitable. An obvious prescription error is giving a patient a dose that is far too high. This is especially dangerous with certain drugs, and it can cause fatal consequences. Alternatively, a patient may receive a placebo when they should have been receiving pain medication. This can lead to unnecessary pain and emotional distress.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

Furman Honick Law is ready to guide you toward compensation and justice after a prescription error. These types of mistakes are simply unacceptable in Baltimore. Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses owe their patients a duty of care when prescribing medications – and burnout is not a valid excuse. With help from our experienced Baltimore prescription error lawyer, you can hold negligence parties accountable for this blatant medical malpractice.