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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Scooter Accident Lawyer

Baltimore Scooter Accident Lawyer

Scooters are becoming more common on Baltimore’s streets, and this rise in popularity is contributing to all kinds of accidents. Perhaps you ride a scooter while working for a food delivery app. Maybe you ride your scooter to work each morning. You might have been struck by a reckless scooter rider while walking on the sidewalk. Whatever the case may be, scooter accidents can lead to serious injuries. To cover your medical expenses and missed wages, it may be worth speaking with a legal professional. Contact our experienced Baltimore scooter accident lawyer today to get started with an action plan.

How Can a Scooter Accident Lawyer Help Me?

In just a few years, scooters have become incredibly popular in Baltimore. Thousands of scooter riders take to the streets each day. A Baltimore scooter accident lawyer is well aware of just how popular – and dangerous – scooters have become in this city.

Scooter accident lawyers have helped injured plaintiffs like you in the past. They can review your unique situation during a consultation and determine the most appropriate pathway toward compensation. The most effective strategy depends entirely on your circumstances.

If your scooter accident claim involves insurance companies, your lawyer can help you negotiate for a fair settlement. If your scooter accident lawsuit goes to court, your lawyer can represent you during a trial. The goal of every scooter accident lawyer is to pursue fair compensation on behalf of their injured clients.

Can I Sue After Being Struck by a Scooter Rider?

If you were struck by a reckless scooter rider while walking on a Baltimore sidewalk, you can potentially sue. For the most part, riding a scooter on a city sidewalk is illegal. Like bicycles, these vehicles mostly belong on the road. Therefore, riding a scooter on a sidewalk is inherently dangerous, reckless, and negligent.

Suing an individual for causing your injuries may not provide you with much compensation, however. A scooter rider might not have the necessary assets to cover your damages. That being said, you could sue a third party or a company for causing your injuries – such as a food delivery app that employs scooter riders. You might also sue a scooter rental company.

Can I Sue After an Accident While Riding My Scooter?

If you were injured while riding your scooter in Baltimore, you have a few options. First, you can sue a negligent driver for causing your injuries. Motorists are expected to “share the road” with cyclists, e-bikes, and scooters. They must yield to you in the same way that they would yield to another passenger vehicle. You might also sue an e-scooter manufacturer if your crash was caused by some kind of defect – such as brake failure.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

If you’re serious about pursuing justice and compensation for your scooter accident, speak with a legal professional. At Furman Honick Law, we have spent years fighting for the rights of injured plaintiffs – and we can do the same for you. Scooter accident lawsuits can be complex, and it helps to work with knowledgeable injury attorneys. Contact our experienced Baltimore scooter accident lawyer today – and take your first steps toward compensation.