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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Spinal Cord Birth Injury Lawyer

Baltimore Spinal Cord Birth Injury Lawyer

If your infant has suffered a spinal cord injury in Baltimore, you might be eligible for compensation. A medical malpractice lawsuit can hold negligent doctors accountable for causing or allowing this serious injury. It can also provide your family with compensation. This compensation may be crucial as you organize medical treatments and ongoing care for your injured infant. To learn more about your legal options, contact Furman Honick Law and speak with our experienced Baltimore spinal cord birth injury lawyer.

How Can an Infant Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Help Me?

An infant spinal cord injury lawyer can offer targeted guidance during a consultation. While internet research may help you learn more about your options, it cannot provide you with a legal strategy that meets your unique needs. For this, you’ll need to speak directly with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer.

After reviewing your specific circumstances, Furman Honick Law can investigate the injury, gather evidence, question witnesses, and start building your case. If a healthcare facility is refusing to hand over relevant information, your lawyer can demand access. A medical malpractice lawyer may represent you in court if a settlement cannot be reached. Their goal is to help you walk away with the compensation you need to cover your full range of damages.

What Causes Spinal Cord Birth Injuries?

Most spinal cord birth injuries are caused by excessive pulling, twisting, or rotation during delivery. In other words, negligent doctors may have handled your infant in an improper manner. They may engage in these excessive motions with their hands, or they may use medical instruments like forceps. Improper vacuum delivery may also cause spinal cord injuries.

Doctors will often point to other factors in order to escape liability. For example, they may claim that your infant was always at a higher risk for spinal cord injury because of their large gestational size. Perhaps they’ll point to your prolonged labor, claiming that injuries were inevitable. Your lawyer can cut through these obfuscations and determine the true cause of the spinal cord birth injury.

How Will I Pay for the Cost of Spinal Cord Birth Injuries?

Your infant may face a difficult healing process after a spinal cord injury. However, your medical malpractice lawyer can work with trusted healthcare providers and ensure access to the best possible recovery plan. Healing from a spinal cord injury is possible, and a lawsuit can provide you with the necessary funds to cover cutting-edge, innovative procedures. This is one of the many reasons to take legal action against negligent healthcare providers after an infant spinal cord injury. You may also receive compensation for any wages you miss while caring for your injured child.

Contact Furman Honick Law

Infant spinal cord injuries are often caused by medical malpractice, and negligent doctors must be held accountable. With our assistance, you can do just that. Contact Furman Honick Law today to book a consultation. During this consultation, we can answer any questions you might have while offering targeting legal guidance. From there, we can help you pursue the justice you deserve. Contact our experienced Baltimore spinal cord injury lawyer today to get started.