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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Baltimore Uber Accident Lawyer

Baltimore Uber Accident Lawyer

If you were hurt in a Baltimore Uber accident, you may be considering legal action. While Uber offers convenient transport to Baltimore residents, this app can also lead directly to numerous accidents. Negligent Uber drivers often crash, and innocent people suffer serious injuries as a result. Furman Honick Law can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover medical costs, missed income, and any other damages you incurred. Reach out to our experienced Baltimore Uber accident lawyer today to learn more.

How Can a Baltimore Uber Lawyer Help Me?

No law in Maryland forces you to hire a lawyer after a car accident. However, this could be one of the most beneficial choices you make. An Uber accident lawyer approaches your case with specific experience regarding rideshare accidents. They understand how to communicate with rideshare companies, prove negligence, and hold at-fault parties accountable.

In addition, they are familiar with many of the common defense strategies that Uber uses when facing accident claims. If necessary, your rideshare accident lawyer can take your case all the way to court, fighting for your rights until you receive fair compensation.

Common Uber Accidents in Baltimore

Uber vehicles are vulnerable to the same hazards as other cars. Their drivers are humans, and even the most professional commercial drivers make mistakes from time to time. That being said, specific types of Uber accidents are more common than others:

  • Distracted Driving Crashes: Uber drivers often become seriously distracted behind the wheel. In order to continue generating fares, they must keep a careful eye on the Uber app. This often forces them to glance down at their phones every few minutes. This can dramatically increase the chances of a serious accident – and innocent people often pay the price.
  • Dooring Bike Crashes: Some Uber accidents occur when the vehicle is not moving. During pickup or dropoff, the passenger may suddenly fling open their door. A passing cyclist may crash into this open Vadoor, and the impact may eject them onto the road. Fatal cranial impacts and other catastrophic injuries are common in these situations.
  • Speeding Uber Crashes: The more trips an Uber driver can make during a single shift, the more money they make. This simple truth creates a financial incentive for Uber drivers to speed. If you were struck by a speeding Uber driver, you may sue them for negligence.
  • Uber Stop Sign Crashes: In their efforts to earn more money per shift, Uber drivers may also commit various traffic offenses. A common offense is to roll through or disregard a stop sign.
  • Uber Pedestrian Accidents: If you were struck by an Uber driver while walking in Baltimore, you are fully entitled to take legal action. You can also sue as a passenger if your driver drops you off in an unsafe location.

Contact Furman Honick Law Today

If you’re serious about pursuing compensation after an Uber accident, it makes sense to work with qualified, experienced lawyers. These legal professionals will fight for your best interests during negotiations and trials. They can use effective strategies to prove negligence and hold Uber accountable. This multi-billion-dollar tech company should pay for the losses it causes for innocent Baltimore residents. Reach out to Furman Honick Law today – and work with our experienced Baltimore Uber accident lawyer.