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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / Carjacked as an Uber Driver in Baltimore: How Can I Get Compensated?

Carjacked as an Uber Driver in Baltimore: How Can I Get Compensated?


In November 2023, Uber announced that it was taking additional steps to protect its drivers from the ongoing threat of carjacking. This was after their drivers had struggled for many years with this issue without any assistance whatsoever. A slew of carjacking incidents across the Baltimore area have shown that Uber drivers often become targets for carjackers who rejoice at their ability to summon their victims with a few swipes on their smartphones. In one incident, a 12-year-old child assaulted a rideshare driver and stole the vehicle in Capitol Hill – just a few paces away from the White House. Some rideshare drivers have lost their lives due to these violent incidents. Can you pursue compensation from Uber after being carjacked?

What Is Uber Doing to Protect Its Drivers? 

In November 2023, it was reported that Uber had “expanded its safety measures” to protect both passengers and drivers. The tech company announced a more stringent verification method for those who want to use Uber’s services. Aside from this vague announcement, Uber seems to be taking minimal steps to protect its drivers from the ever-prevalent threat of carjacking.

The announcement from Uber comes on the heels of a scathing FBI report that highlights an 8% rise in carjackings within the past year. Predictably, this problem is much worse in major cities such as Baltimore and Washington, D.C. There are now countless stories of Uber drivers being assaulted, shot, and even killed.

What Kind of Injuries May Result from an Uber Carjacking? 

Uber carjackings may be associated with a wide range of injuries. If the criminal is unarmed, this might consist of contusions, fractures, and concussions common in physical assaults. More serious carjackings involve firearms and other deadly weapons. Numerous drivers have been shot or stabbed in connection with these carjackings – often fatally.

In other situations, drivers may be thrown into the road while the vehicle is moving at high speed. They may suffer serious, life-altering consequences from such high-speed impacts with the asphalt. In addition, they may be struck by passing vehicles that cannot swerve out of the way in time.

How Easy Is it to Pursue Compensation from Uber after a Carjacking Incident? 

Uber drivers have the right to sue the tech company for injuries they sustain while behind the wheel. However, assaults may be handled differently compared to straightforward car accidents – as the exact insurance coverage might not be clear.

Parties are generally liable for incidents involving gross negligence. For example, Uber may be held liable for knowingly sending a driver into an extremely dangerous neighborhood where numerous carjackings and murders have occurred. Drivers may also sue through the normal car insurance system after being thrown out of their vehicles and subsequently impacted by passing cars.

Find a Qualified Uber Accident Lawyer in Baltimore 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer, look no further than Furman Honick. We know that Uber and other rideshare companies often fail to protect their own drivers. These billion-dollar tech companies should shoulder at least some level of liability for the injuries suffered by hardworking individuals contributing to their profit margins. Book your consultation today to discuss options for compensation after being carjacked in Baltimore.




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