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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Catastrophic Injury / Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Maryland

Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries in Maryland


There are injuries that are minor, moderate, or severe, but when you use a term like catastrophic to describe them, you can be sure that the trauma is life-changing. Catastrophic injuries include those that result in fatalities, permanent functional disability, or temporary trauma to major body systems. Examples are traumatic brain injury (TBI), damage to internal organs, and spinal cord injuries. Catastrophic injuries require extensive medical care, and often lead to loss of mobility and independence.

Catastrophic injuries are caused by accidents, most of which are preventable. They happen because of negligence by others, so Maryland law allows you to pursue those responsible. You can recover compensation if you can prove that the at-fault party breached the duty to exercise reasonable care. An Owings Mills catastrophic injury lawyer can explain the concept of negligence and how it applies to the following types of accidents.

Motor Vehicle Collisions: Traffic crashes are a top cause of catastrophic injuries, particularly wrong-way accidents, head-on collisions, and T-bone crashes between two passenger vehicles. However, there is also significant destruction when the vehicles and/or victims are extremely mismatched in terms of size and weight. Catastrophic injuries are more likely with:

  • Truck collisions;
  • Motorcycle crashes; and,
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents. 

Slip and Fall Accidents: When property and business owners do not keep their spaces in reasonably safe condition, a victim could suffer catastrophic injuries in a slip and fall or related accident. These incidents are often the result of:

  • Debris, puddles, and slick substances on floors;
  • Broken railings;
  • Loose tile and carpeting;
  • Defective escalators and elevators; and,
  • Failing gates, doors, windows, and locks.

A property owner’s duty to keep a safe space also extends to protecting against criminal attacks, so they can be held liable for negligent security. Catastrophic injuries may be caused by shootings, stabbings, assaults, and sexual assault.

Medical Malpractice: Catastrophic injuries can also result from a health care provider’s failure to treat a patient in accordance with the recognized medical standard of care. Examples include surgical errors, birth injuries, medication mistakes, and misdiagnosis.

 Defective Products: When you purchase a vehicle, appliance, furniture, products for children, clothing, and other goods, you expect them to be safe for their intended purpose. Unfortunately, they may contain dangerous defects that can lead to catastrophic injuries. You can seek damages for:

  • Manufacturing flaws, in which a single lot of goods was produced with a deficiency;
  • Design flaws, where the entire line of products is defective because of an error in development; and,
  • Labeling errors that fail to warn about the inherent dangers of a product. 

Contact a Baltimore Catastrophic Injury Attorney About Your Options

Your losses from catastrophic injuries are devastating, so it is reassuring to know that Maryland law allows you to recover for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our team at Furman | Honick Law will tackle all the relevant legal tasks, including filing an insurance claim and suing in court. Please contact us at 410-844-6000 or go online to set up a free case review at our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore, MD.

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