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Dog Bite Injuries That Require Emergency Care


Dogs are one of America’s favorite pets, and statistics are proof that they are a part of the family in many households. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that around 69 million homes have at least one dog, while there are up to 85 million canines living in US households – indicating that many families have multiple four-legged friends. While the majority live up to their reputation as loyal, friendly, and loving, it is important to remember that dogs are still animals. They do bite and may attack humans, unexpectedly and without provocation.

If you suffered dog bite injuries, it is always smart to seek same-day care or treatment within 48 hours because of the potential for infection. Untreated, an infected wound may turn into a life-threatening medical condition known as sepsis. However, certain dog bite injuries require immediate attention at a hospital emergency department. There are implications for your rights, and an Owings Mills dog bite lawyer will explain how they affect your case. Plus, due to the health impacts, you should get medical care at the ER for:

Excessive Bleeding: As with any injury where the victim loses a considerable amount of blood, get emergency care for a bleeding dog bite injury. The animal’s teeth do not just penetrate the skin; there may be destruction to blood vessels, muscles, and other tissues underneath. These injuries require immediate treatment so the victim does not bleed out, and the person can get a blood transfusion if necessary to replace lost fluids.

 Deep Puncture Wounds: In some cases, a dog may inflict a very deep bite that does not include a significant amount of blood. Instead, the victim may experience a numb or tingling sensation near the wound, along with pain. You should still head to the ER because the infection could be deep within the affected tissues. There may also be damage to organs or bone, requiring emergency treatment.

 Dog Bite Injuries to the Face and Neck: The biggest concern with dog bites to the head region are the eyes, ears, and mouth. These animals are strong and can tear facial features, even removing parts of the scalp. Plus, several blood vessels in the neck are delicate and close to the skin. Massive blood loss may occur when the jugular is punctured, and a victim could even suffer trauma to the trachea.

 Secondary Injuries: Though the trauma of a dog’s bite is significant, keep in mind that there are other ways these animals can cause injuries. Some victims will suffer harm from a knockdown, including head injuries and concussion. A mauling dog may even cause broken bones or spinal cord injuries. These are injuries that require emergency care so you can get on the road to healing as soon as possible.

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