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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Head On Collision / Head-On Collision In Maryland Kills 1, Sends 2 To The Hospital

Head-On Collision In Maryland Kills 1, Sends 2 To The Hospital


Head-on crashes are some of the most devastating accidents on US roads, and a recent collision in Montgomery County reveals the dangers. Maryland’s WTOP News covered the story, in which a vehicle traveling westbound crossed the median and into oncoming traffic. The driver struck another car that was heading east, sending one of the vehicles onto the guardrail of a bridge overpass. The other vehicle ended up dangling over the same bridge. First responders were able to rescue two people trapped in their cars and transport them to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The other individual was also taken away by ambulance with life-threatening injuries, and he later died at the hospital.

Because head-on accidents can be catastrophic, automakers have invested considerable time and money into manufacturing vehicles that can withstand a frontal impact. However, with higher-speed crashes, these efforts may not always protect vehicle occupants. It is important to work with an Owings Mills head-on collision lawyer if you were involved in such an accident since your losses can be significant. An overview of the dangers is useful.

 How Frontal Impact Crashes are Dangerous: From a scientific perspective, head-on crashes are serious because the impact carries the energy of both vehicles at the moment they collide. The nature of the damage is a product of the size and weight of the vehicles, as well as the speed each driver was traveling. Plus, there are additional reasons these accidents are so horrific:

  • Because of the massive energy when the two vehicles smash into each other, the lighter one could be launched into the air and flipped.
  • Ejections are more common when a vehicle is airborne or flips over. For the occupant tossed out of the car, there is a secondary impact when striking the ground or another vehicle.
  • In a frontal impact between two vehicles of similar size, there is a higher risk of extreme injuries to the lower extremities. The impact crushes the cabin and into the legs of the driver and front seat passenger.
  • The violence of a head-on accident often shoots sharp metal, glass, and other shrapnel at occupants, leading to lacerations, scrapes, and even penetrating head injuries. 

Damages for Head-On Collision Victims: Like other accidents, frontal impact crashes are typically caused by negligent drivers. When you have proof showing that the other motorist did not drive safely, you may qualify to recover a range of damages, including:

  • Medical costs for emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, pain medications, and other treatment;
  • Lost income, if you missed work and could not earn wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Other losses diminish your quality of life and relationships with loved ones.

Count on a Maryland Head-On Collision Attorney for Legal Help

For more information on your rights after a frontal impact accident, please call Furman | Honick Law. You can reach our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore, MD by calling 410-844-6000 or visiting us online. We can set up a free case review to advise you on your legal remedies.



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