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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Head Neck Injury / How Traumatic Head Injuries Can Change Your Personality

How Traumatic Head Injuries Can Change Your Personality


Medical experts are still attempting to understand the long-term effects of traumatic head injuries and one of the most misunderstood issues is the potential effects on a patient’s personality. Also known as a “TBI,” a traumatic head injury in Baltimore can change a patient’s life in ways that might seem completely invisible. If you did not know the victim before the accident, it may not be possible to determine just how drastic these personality changes are.

Poor Impulse Control 

A common change among TBI victims is poor impulse control. People who have suffered serious head injuries may appear to have lost all their inhibitions. This may manifest as risky behavior that they never would have engaged in. They may seem to have lost their sense of right and wrong. Perhaps most worryingly, they may engage in self-harming behavior – including substance abuse, risky sexual encounters, and much more.


Head injury victims may also struggle with anger and irritability. For many of these patients, it may be difficult to understand what is going on in their minds. They may realize that they are not the same person, and this may be highly distressing. Some also become frustrated at cognitive issues related to head injuries – including memory and speech problems.


Sometimes, a TBI can trigger various personality disorders that may have previously been dormant or almost undetectable. One example is narcissistic personality disorder, and this can be highly distressing for loved ones to witness. Suddenly, it might feel like the person you fell in love with is no longer a good person. They may become cold, distant, and cruel. For reference, common symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder include a sense of self-importance, entitlement, and arrogance. These people may also begin to exploit others – even their family.

 Changes in Sexuality 

One of the most troubling potential side effects of a TBI is a complete change in sexuality. This is one of the least explored issues regarding TBIs, but there is conclusive evidence to suggest that it is relatively common. After a TBI, a patient may become attracted to completely different people. They may also have heightened or diminished libido. These changes can prove to be highly problematic for couples, and they may even lead to divorce. Spouses who experience this firsthand may have the opportunity to pursue compensation for something called “loss of consortium.”

Find a Qualified Head and Brain Injury Lawyer in Baltimore 

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