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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Firm News / JUSTICE ALERT: $1.3 Million in Settlements to Start 2024

JUSTICE ALERT: $1.3 Million in Settlements to Start 2024

JUSTICE ALERT: $1.3 Million in Settlements to Start 2024

Furman | Honick Law is off to a strong start in 2024, having already recovered more than $1.3 million for our clients in January. Truthfully, we would prefer to post our jury verdicts, but after our most recent trial wins, the insurance companies are tired of getting beaten and are offering better settlements before our cases go to trial! This is great news for our clients because a settlement is a guaranteed payment with no risk of trial or appeals. Below are a handful of settlement checks each with its own story:

Case 1: Dog Bite – Pre-suit offer $0, Settlement $70k:

This client came to us after suffering multiple dog bites. Unfortunately, the dog owner (a tenant) had no renter’s insurance to cover the loss, and the homeowner’s insurance company denied the claim. We filed suit against both the dog owner and the homeowner. In discovery, we uncovered prior incidents with these dogs in the neighborhood, and we learned that the HOA had previously advised the homeowner of these problems. Yet the homeowner did NOTHING to rectify the issue and still allowed the dogs despite having a no-pet policy in the lease. As a result of our efforts, we secured a settlement for our client from the homeowner’s insurance company who vigorously defended this case.

Case 2: Car Accident – Pre-FH Law client found at fault, after FH Law Settlement $300k (full limits):

This client suffered a fractured forearm because of a nasty head-on crash. Initially, the defendant’s insurance company blamed our client for causing the crash. While our client was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital, the defendant told the cop at the scene our client came over the double yellow lines and hit them. We were retained and immediately had the vehicle’s black box data pulled and interviewed multiple witnesses who confirmed it was the defendant who crossed the double yellow lines striking our client. After presenting this to the insurance company we secured the full $100k liability policy from the defendant, and then, in record time secured an additional $200k from our client’s underinsured motorist policy. The total settlement was $300k—every penny of available insurance coverage!

Case 3: Pedestrian Hit – Pre-suit offer $0, Settlement $300k:

Our client had a lengthy history of head trauma and was struck by a vehicle as she was walking in her apartment community and suffering another concussion. The defendant tried to blame our client, so we filed suit. When it became clear in litigation that the defendant was at fault, his insurance company pivoted and argued that our client’s traumatic brain injury was caused by her prior issues and NOT the actions of their insured. Yet again, we proved through our experts and meticulous attention to detail why the injuries were related to this incident, and we secured a fantastic settlement for our client.

Case 4: Car Accident – Pre-trial offer $15k, Award $92k:

This client was rear-ended in a low-impact crash but sustained lasting damage to their back and suffered from radiculopathy down their leg. The defense hired an expert to argue the impact was not the cause of the injury, but we were able to expose the defense doctor’s bogus theory, and his bias, and secure a $92k arbitration award for our client.

Case 5: Car Accident – Pre-suit offer $60k, Settlement $115k:

This client was t-boned by a landscaping truck that failed to stop at a stop sign. The client sustained soft-tissue injuries and was treated conservatively for about 4 months. The client had a physically demanding job and young kids at home, which caused residual pain to persist. The insurance company offered $60k as their best and final offer pre-suit telling us, “This is NOT a six-figure case.” We didn’t listen and filed suit. After litigating the case, we settled before trial for $115k. Our client was glad we didn’t listen to the insurance company!

Case 6: Car Accident – Pre-suit offer $35k, Settlement $195k:

This client was rear-ended on the beltway and sustained a torn labrum that did not require surgery. After initially accepting fault pre-suit, the defense reversed course and argued that a cloud of exhaust fumes caused the defendant to hit our client. We pressed on and hoped that the defense would maintain that argument at trial, but they came to their senses a few weeks before trial and paid more than 5x their pre-suit offer just so they could avoid facing us in the courtroom!

Case 7: Car Accident – Pre-suit offer $25k, Settlement $250k (full limit):

This was a low-impact rear-end collision. The insurance company accepted fault but claimed our client wasn’t really injured as there were no fractures or tears. Despite only having soft-tissue injuries, this crash upended our client’s life, forcing several months of medical care and missed time from work as a small business owner. The client trusted us to file suit and press for more, which we did, securing a full policy limits settlement that was 10x the pre-suit offer!

These cases occurred across the State of Maryland, including in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Prince George’s County, Harford County, Howard County, and Montgomery County.

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