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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Civil Rights / Nebraska Pays $479,000 to Settle Prisoner Death Lawsuit

Nebraska Pays $479,000 to Settle Prisoner Death Lawsuit


Nebraska has agreed to pay $479,000 to the family of Terry Berry Jr., a 22-year-old prisoner who was strangled to death in 2017 by another prisoner. Berry was preparing for parole on a forgery conviction when he was killed. The assailant was already serving a life sentence for killing a 75-year-old man and dumping his body in a well. The assailant told prison guards that “there would be problems” if they allowed Berry to remain in his cell. A prison caseworker warned her coworkers about the assailant’s threats and advised that Berry be housed elsewhere for his safety. Prison officials ignored the warning and placed Berry in the assailant’s cell. Five days later, the assailant strangled Berry to death. The assailant pleaded guilty to Berry’s murder and was sentenced to death.

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