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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Truck Accident / Negotiating with a Delivery Company After an Auto Crash in Owings Mills

Negotiating with a Delivery Company After an Auto Crash in Owings Mills


If you have been injured in a crash with a delivery truck in Owings Mills, you probably already recognize the importance of pursuing compensation. The real question is how you’re going to get your hands on the funds necessary to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, and various other damages. Large delivery companies like Uber or Amazon are worth billions of dollars, and these companies are clearly capable of covering your damages. To ensure fair compensation, however, you need to negotiate effectively.

Do I Have to Negotiate After a Delivery Truck Accident? 

While negotiation may not be mandatory, it is usually a good idea to at least attempt this process. You should know that the vast majority (over 90%) of civil cases are settled out of court – and this statistic includes auto accidents. The truth is that it is usually in everyone’s best interests to settle things behind closed doors.

Why is negotiation beneficial? Firstly, the entire process can be finalized within just a few short weeks. In contrast, you might need to wait months before your case even goes before a judge. After the trial process begins, it might be many months until you receive a decision. Next, both parties have a chance to appeal this final decision – potentially adding months to the overall process.

Keep in mind that during this process, you might be struggling with unpaid medical bills. In addition, your legal bills increase with each passing day you spend in court. Finally, the trial process is completely unpredictable. A jury might award you a few hundred dollars – or they might award you millions.

On the other side of the equation, the delivery company will inevitably plan to avoid trial for the same basic reasons: Saving time and money.

With all that said, you still have the right to a trial if you wish. If negotiations fail, you will have no other choice but to proceed with litigation.

How to Negotiate Effectively with Delivery Companies for Settlements 

Negotiation is a fine art, and some people are born talented deal-makers. That said, nothing quite beats experience – and our qualified personal injury attorneys in Owings Mills have overseen countless negotiations with various delivery companies, trucking operators, and other companies. Another person called an “insurance adjuster” normally sits at the other side of the negotiation table. These people are also usually skilled, experienced negotiators – but personal injury lawyers can employ a range of tactics against them.

One strategy is simply to avoid the low-ball settlement – which the company will inevitably offer. Next, the injury lawyer might back up their arguments with various pieces of evidence – such as your medical records, dashcam footage, police reports, and so on. There might be a little back and forth, but these lawyers often secure settlements that cover all current and foreseeable damages stemming from accidents.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Delivery Truck Crash Lawyer in Owings Mills 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Baltimore truck accident lawyer, look no further than Furman Honick Law. We know how disastrous these delivery accidents can be, and we’re ready to negotiate effectively on your behalf as you pursue fair compensation. With proven, targeted negotiation tactics, we put you one step closer to covering your damages without extensive delays. Call us today and speak with a partner for a free case evaluation.




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