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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / General / Furman | Honick Law Recovers Over $425,000 for Clients

Furman | Honick Law Recovers Over $425,000 for Clients


Over the last month or so our attorneys at Furman | Honick Law settled a number of personal injury cases for a total of over $425,000 recovered on behalf of our clients. We are privileged to represent our clients and grateful to them for putting their trust in us to ensure that they get the best possible result. Below are some of the stories behind the recent personal injury, dog bite, and car accident settlements that our lawyers were able to achieve for our clients:

Our client was a delivery worker and while attempting to deliver a package was bitten by a dog who ran out of the house and attacked. This client suffered from both physical and emotional trauma after the incident as the dog was vicious and caused severe damage. The process of bringing a claim for such injuries was new to the client and we had our client’s back throughout the process where we reached a very favorable resolution for our client.

Another client of ours was unfortunately in their first car crash. The defendant failed to stop at a stop sign and cut our client off causing a t-bone collision. Glass shattered and caused our client to need stitches amongst other scars from striking their body to parts in the interior upon impact. Initially the insurance company denied liability, meaning they tried to blame our client, however, after investigating the claim, we were able to show the insurance company how wrong their decision was to blame our client and we were able to recover a significant award for our client for all of their pain, stress, and trauma surrounding the crash.

A third client was rear-ended by an out of state defendant with a minimal policy. After our client completed their treatment we investigated and found additional insurance coverage to ensure our client received full compensation and nothing less.

Another client was rear-ended as she waited at a red light. The defendant tried blaming a brake failure for causing this crash, but we disproved that argument in litigation. Our client sustained a permanent injury to her thoracic spine, which she can only manage with rest and activity modification because surgery is not an option. We anticipated having to try this case, but the defendant’s insurance company came to its senses on the eve of trial and we reached a meaningful settlement.

Lastly our client injured his shoulder (torn labrum) when he was hit head-on by another driver. Our client was volunteering for a local non-profit organization when this crash happened. He underwent surgery to repair his shoulder and spent several months in rehab and physical therapy. Our client lost significant time from work as a proprietor of adult daycare centers in Baltimore City. The individual who caused this crash had a nominal insurance policy, which we were able to quickly secure for our client. We then pursued a claim against our client’s underinsured motorist policy for the value of his damages that exceeded the defendant’s minimum policy. Again, on the eve of trial, we reached a meaningful settlement with our client’s insurance company.

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