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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Owings Mills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Owings Mills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Many people traverse Maryland roadways on a regular basis. While walking is a great form of exercise and is often more convenient than driving, it can be dangerous. Thousands of pedestrians are killed in crashes in the United States every year. Many more are seriously injured.

Accidents occur frequently because motorists are simply not always looking for pedestrians. They are often distracted and not always focused on the road. Intoxication is a major factor, with nearly half of crashes involving impairment on behalf of the driver or pedestrian. Other factors include speed and location. Higher speeds result in more severe injuries. Pedestrian accidents also tend to happen more at night, in urban areas.

Pedestrian accidents are often serious, resulting in broken bones, head trauma, back and neck injuries, and more. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve with help from the Owings Mills pedestrian accident lawyers at Furman | Honick Law.

Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Besides intoxication, pedestrian accidents may also be caused by:

  • Distracted driving. Many motorists are distracted. They may be on their phones or adjusting radio stations. They may be talking to passengers or reading. These actions can all cause drivers to take their eyes off the road.
  • Poor weather conditions. Weather conditions such as fog can make it harder to see. So can rain and snow.
  • Jaywalking. This is an action that pedestrians engage in that can cause them to get hit by a car. Pedestrians should cross at crosswalks only.
  • Dark clothing. Dark clothing by pedestrians can also contribute to accidents. Pedestrians should wear light clothing and carry a flashlight to make themselves more visible, especially at night.

Pedestrian Safety

If you are a pedestrian, you need to do your part to stay safe when walking on Maryland’s roadways. Here are some tips to help:

  • Avoid jaywalking. Cross the street at crosswalks only. That is where motorists will expect to see you.
  • Avoid distractions. Phones and music may help entertain you as a pedestrian but they can also be distracting when you’re around vehicles. Make sure to focus your eyes and ears on the road so you can look for vehicles and other hazards.
  • Make eye contact. Don’t assume that drivers can see you. Before you cross a street, make eye contact.
  • Look both ways. Always look left, right, and left again before crossing a road.
  • Avoid roads if possible. Stay out of the roads if you can. Use sidewalks and walking paths to avoid being near vehicles.

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Pedestrians have no protection against a vehicle, so if they get hit by a car, the results can be severe and even fatal.

If you have been affected, it’s important to establish liability and get the compensation you deserve. The experienced team at Furman | Honick Law can help you with both aspects. Get started with a free consultation with an Owings Mills pedestrian accident lawyer. Fill out the online form or call (410) 844-6000.