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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Motorcycle Accident / Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in Maryland


You do not need a background in physics to know that a rider will suffer serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, with no metal barrier to protect them from speeding traffic nearby. Statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MD DOT) reveal that motorcyclists are vulnerable in a crash, leading to disastrous consequences. There are a total of 1,395 motorcycle collisions every year in Maryland, leading to 73 deaths and 1,172 injured victims. In other words, around 89 percent of all motorcycle accidents result in at least one casualty, typically the rider.

There are many statistics about motorcycle crashes that are concerning, but there is also a bright side. If you were hurt or lost a loved one, you have rights under Maryland law. It is possible to recover compensation for your losses, with help from an Owings Mills motorcycle accident lawyer. Some additional details are also informative.

Additional Data on the Risks of Motorcycle Crashes: As you might expect, the frequency of motorcycle accidents is higher in urban areas. Almost a quarter of all collisions occur in Baltimore, while Interstate 495 is also a dangerous corridor. Plus:

  • Around 40 percent of all motorcycle crashes occur in June, July, and August, making summer the most dangerous season to ride.
  • Saturday and Sunday are the deadliest days for motorcyclists, as 42.3 percent of fatal collisions happen on weekends.
  • Nationwide, more than 5,500 motorcycle riders die every year in motorcycle accidents, and another 180,000 are treated for injuries in emergency rooms. 

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing fatalities to motorcyclists and 69 percent effective in protecting against head injuries. Many riders still suffer from concussions, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other head trauma. Plus, there are additional injuries that happen often due to the nature of motorcycle accidents. There will almost always be a secondary impact when the rider hits the ground, so common injuries include:

  • Complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries;
  • Severe damage to internal organs; and,
  • Many others.

 Steps in the Claims Process: If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, then your first step is the same as in other auto crashes. You will file a claim with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company. It is often possible to settle your claim, but only if the insurer offers an amount that covers your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. If the company refuses to settle for a fair amount, you must sue in court to obtain the monetary damages you deserve by law.

 Consult with a Baltimore Motorcycle Accident Attorney Right Away

Statistics on motorcycle crashes are disturbing, so it is reassuring to know that you have legal remedies if you are hurt. At Furman | Honick Law, our team is prepared to overcome any challenges in the process to get fair compensation for your losses. Please contact our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore, Maryland today. You can schedule a no-cost case review with a motorcycle crash lawyer by calling 410-844-6000 or going online.



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