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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Distracted Driving Accident / Top 5 Most Dangerous Types of Distracted Driving

Top 5 Most Dangerous Types of Distracted Driving


You probably encounter distracted drivers on the road regularly, but it is still shocking to learn the number of people who cause accidents by engaging in risky activities. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation (DOT), there are more than 55,000 collisions every year that are classified as distracted driver involved. These accidents cause around 180 fatalities, while another 26,700 people suffer injuries because of distracted driving.

Though you might presume that these crashes are related to cell phone use, there are many different types of distracted driving. Some are not against the law like texting, so you might even be engaging in it without realizing the dangers. Any activity that interferes with safe operation of the vehicle could lead to serious collisions. You should discuss legal remedies with an Owings Mills distracted driving accident lawyer if you were hurt or lost a loved one. However, some information about the various types is useful for protecting yourself.

 Top 5 Most Dangerous Forms of Distracted Driving: The biggest problem with distracted driving is how it affects a motorist’s visual, manual, and cognitive capabilities. Taking the eyes away from the road and hands off the wheel restricts a driver’s ability to identify and respond to a traffic threat. When thoughts are distracted, a motorist is not focused on safe driving. The most dangerous types of distractions may be familiar:

  1. Texting, talking, capturing pictures and video, and surfing the internet;
  2. Eating food and drinking beverages, which is a common practice during commutes;
  3. Doing hair, putting on makeup, and grooming, in an attempt to save time;
  4. Interacting with pets and children, especially when they are misbehaving in the back seat; and,
  5. Digging in a purse, bag, glove box, or other area where a driver has to stretch to reach. 

Your Rights in a Distracted Driving Crash: These collisions are unique in some ways, but Maryland car accident laws apply to distracted driving crashes just as other incidents. The theory of liability is negligence, meaning you must prove that the collision happened because the other driver did not exercise reasonable care while driving. With distracted driving accidents, the specific form of negligence could be the five acts described above or any other activity that acts as an interference.

Filing an insurance claim is the first step in recovering compensation, though you will have to sue in court if you cannot settle. Through legal action, it is possible to recover damages for:

  • Medical costs for treatment;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Other losses that affect quality of life. 

Speak to a Baltimore County Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Today

When you consider the various ways someone could be distracted while driving, you understand why these crashes are such a serious problem. For more information on your remedies, please contact Furman | Honick Law in Owings Mills and Baltimore, Maryland. You can set up a free case evaluation by calling 410-844-6000 or visiting us online. After reviewing your case, an experienced lawyer will explain options.



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