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Top Five Tesla Hazards


Teslas may be popular, but they also have their fair share of hazards. Like most automakers, Tesla is no stranger to recalls, investigations, and customer complaints. Several hazards seem to be particularly common on Tesla vehicles, and these issues have the potential to cause serious injuries. If you have been injured in a Tesla crash, you might already be familiar with some of these hazards – and you might even be considering a Tesla accident lawsuit in Maryland. 

Battery Fires 

Electric batteries might be sustainable, but they have a habit of spontaneously bursting into flames. Some Tesla owners have suffered serious injuries due to fires that broke out while their EVs were charging in their garages. These fires can endanger entire families while causing widespread property damage. In other situations, batteries have ignited after Tesla crashes – spewing toxic fumes into the air and causing serious hazards. Battery fires have the potential to cause facial burns, chemical injuries, and death. 


Although there are many features that set Teslas apart from the crowd, self-driving software is a major talking point. Unfortunately, many drivers have experienced extremely unsafe situations when attempting to use this “Autopilot” feature. Some Tesla crashes have been linked to self-driving software, and some of these accidents have been fatal. Tesla has been accused of overstating the true capabilities of this software – and falsely leading consumers to believe that it is completely safe. 

Defective Doors 

Many customers have reported issues with Tesla doors. Over 100,000 Tesla vehicles were recalled because of a door latch issue. This defect reportedly caused the doors to come loose during crashes. Others have complained about the door handles, as these handles are very difficult to operate in emergency situations. In at least one situation, a first responder was unable to save a dying Tesla owner because the doors would not open. 

Unsafe Acceleration 

One of the benefits of electric vehicles is fast acceleration. However, this acceleration can sometimes create serious hazards. The “instant acceleration” of a Tesla is surprising to new owners. Some surveys show that Tesla drivers are particularly likely to accelerate suddenly and without warning – often in a reckless manner. Some claim that the cars “accelerate by themselves.” This sudden acceleration endangers not only Tesla drivers, but also others on the road. 

Suspension Issues 

Another common complaint among Tesla owners involves the suspension. This particular issue has resulted in hundreds of complaints and attention from US regulators.

 Contact an Experienced Tesla Accident Lawyer in Owings Mills 

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