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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Firm News / VERDICT ALERT – $500,000 – Anne Arundel County Premises Liability

VERDICT ALERT – $500,000 – Anne Arundel County Premises Liability


Date: January 24-25, 2023

Case Type: Premises Liability

Attorneys: Dustin Furman and Allen E. Honick

Pre-Trial Offer: $0

Verdict: $500,783.51


[Annapolis, MD] – Yesterday, an Anne Arundel County jury awarded our client a $500,783.51 verdict in her case against the Defendant, a commercial cleaning/janitorial company, for severe and permanent injuries she sustained when she slipped and fell in the bathroom of her office building in 2017.

On May 11, 2017, our client went to the Ladies’ room at work. She had no idea that the bathroom had just been cleaned because the bathroom was open and there were no wet floor signs or warnings. As she proceeded into the bathroom, our client slipped on a wet substance, fell directly onto her left knee, and tore her meniscus. Ultimately, our client underwent three knee surgeries, including a total knee replacement, over the course of three years, and was left with a permanent injury to her left knee.

We sued the Defendant and alleged that it negligently created an unsafe slippery condition in the bathroom and failed to warn members of the public, like our client. During the trial, the Defendant maintained an absolute liability defense, adamantly arguing that it did nothing wrong, and even if it did, that our client only bruised her knee. However, the jury rejected the Defendant’s arguments and returned a verdict of $500,783.51.


Dustin Furman

Allen E. Honick

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