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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Personal Injury / VERDICT ALERT! Furman Honick Client Wins $500K Jury Verdict

VERDICT ALERT! Furman Honick Client Wins $500K Jury Verdict


$500K Premises Liability Verdict Against Baltimore City


City of Baltimore failed to fix a dangerous condition on a bike path after a previous bicycle crash.


[Baltimore, MD] – A Baltimore jury awarded our client a $500,206 verdict on Monday in his case against the City of Baltimore for severe and permanent injuries sustained in a 2018 bicycle crash on City property.

On October 2, 2018, our client was riding his bicycle around the Baltimore Inner Harbor and crashed into a nearly invisible metal cable that was strung between two concrete bollards along a bike path. There were no signs or warnings on the cable. Our client sustained serious and permanent injuries, including a broken shoulder that required surgery and two years of rehabilitation.

We sued Baltimore City and alleged that it negligently allowed unsafe conditions to persist in the area and failed to warn visitors of the hidden cables. Right before the trial, Furman Honick attorneys Dustin Furman and Allen E. Honick secured an admission of notice from the City based on evidence that the City knew that another bicyclist was injured on the same cables ten months earlier but never inspected the area. During the trial, the City tried to blame our client for causing this crash and even suggested that he purposely rode his bike into the metal cables. The City also argued that governmental immunity shielded it from any liability. Both the jury and the judge disagreed with the City’s arguments, and the jury returned a verdict of $500,206 ($66,206 for past medical expenses, and $434,000 for noneconomic damages).


Date: December 5, 2022
Case Type: Premises Liability
Attorneys: Dustin Furman and Allen E. Honick
Pre-Trial Offer: $0
Verdict: $500,206

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