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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Misdiagnosis / What Happens if a Broken Bone Doesn’t “Set” Correctly?

What Happens if a Broken Bone Doesn’t “Set” Correctly?


If you suffer a fracture, it is very important to “set” the broken bone before the healing process begins. If the bone is not set in place, you may struggle with a range of medical issues over the next few years. In many cases, bones that have been incorrectly set or treated can cause permanent disabilities. Sometimes, this is due to a missed diagnosis at a Baltimore emergency room. To learn more about your legal options in this situation, contact a qualified medical malpractice lawyer in Maryland.

What Is Supposed to Happen After a Broken Bone? 

In an ideal world, a broken bone will be treated quickly and effectively. After an X-ray, doctors will learn exactly where the fracture occurred. From there, they can either set the bone in the correct position, or they can try more invasive treatments like surgery. Whatever happens, doctors are expected to detect the fracture and to set the bone in place within a certain amount of time.


A broken bone that fails to heal is called a “nonunion.” As the name suggests, this occurs when the broken segments of the bone fail to “unite” and heal. Often, this occurs because doctors do not provide proper treatment to fracture patients. In some cases, these nonunions occur because doctors decide to treat fractures with simple casts when they really should have recommended surgery.


A malunion is similar to a nonunion, but it involves partial or problematic healing. Instead of completely failing to heal, the bone heals in a crooked or deformed manner. The result is often a bone that is not completely straight. Not only can this cause visual deformations, but it may also lead to physical disabilities. For example, a leg bone that is not completely straight may make it difficult for a patient to walk. They may also experience various spinal and mobility issues due to one leg being shorter than the other.

 Surgery for Broken Bones that Failed to Heal 

If a bone fails to heal properly, patients can still address the issue with surgery. However, these surgical procedures are far from ideal – and it always makes more sense to treat the fracture correctly during the first few weeks and months of the injury. These corrective surgeries can be complex, risky, and expensive.

 Find a Qualified Missed Diagnosis Lawyer in Baltimore 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced missed diagnosis lawyer in Baltimore, look no further than Furman Honick Law. With our help, you can hold negligent healthcare providers accountable for failing to diagnose your fracture in a timely manner. Time is of the essence in these situations. If a doctor fails to set your bone in place before the healing process, you may be left with a permanent disability or disfigurement. Call today and speak with a partner for a free medical malpractice case evaluation.




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