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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / What Is Arbitration in Maryland Uber Accident Claims?

What Is Arbitration in Maryland Uber Accident Claims?


If you have been involved in a Maryland Uber accident, you might have heard the term “arbitration.” Learning about this concept might seem like a daunting task – especially if you’re simultaneously struggling with injuries, trauma, and lost income. You should know that arbitration is actually a relatively straightforward subject – and your personal injury lawyers can help you approach it with confidence.

 Defining Arbitration 

What exactly is arbitration? Essentially, arbitration is another way of recovering damages after a car accident. Unlike a trial, the arbitration process occurs in private. Over the course of this process, both you and the defendant (in this case, Uber) will have a chance to tell each side of the story in front of an “arbitrator,” or a neutral third party. Insurance companies often send their own representatives to participate in the arbitration process.

One of the first steps you and the defendant will take is to choose an arbitrator. This neutral third party approaches the negotiations with special training and qualifications. At the end of the arbitration, the arbitrator will consider everything they have heard and make a decision, which is legally binding. Before the arbitration process begins, both parties agree to respect this decision.

What Happens During Uber Arbitration? 

How is arbitration related to Uber? Like many companies, Uber forces many of its customers and drivers to sign “arbitration clauses.” When you sign this contract, you agree to arbitrate any legal disputes before going to court. Uber has clearly concluded that arbitration is preferable to litigation due to its advantages, like speed, low cost, and confidentiality.

Are you legally obligated to go through the arbitration process after an Uber accident? This is a subject of considerable controversy, and the answer depends on the jurisdiction in most cases. Many states have ruled that Uber’s arbitration clause is unenforceable.

Some Uber customers have no idea that they have signed arbitration clauses. Often, these agreements take the form of brief “popups” within the Uber app. Some have argued that this does not constitute “reasonable notice” – making the clause unenforceable. Drivers also sign different agreements compared to passengers.

To learn more about whether arbitration is mandatory, you might need to get in touch with a qualified Maryland auto accident lawyer. The details of these user agreements can be quite confusing, and different clauses may apply to different situations. Whatever the case may be, you should be eligible to pursue compensation after a crash that wasn’t your fault.

 Find a Qualified Uber Accident Lawyer in Owings Mills 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer, look no further than Furman Honick Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout Maryland – including those who have suffered injuries in Uber accidents. While arbitration might seem like a tricky subject, you can approach it confidently with our help. Call today and speak with a partner for a free case evaluation.




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