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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / 4 Things You Should Never Say To The Insurer After A Maryland Car Accident

4 Things You Should Never Say To The Insurer After A Maryland Car Accident


Despite public safety campaigns, implementation of advanced safety features, and enactment of laws to prevent them, car accidents remain a serious problem across the US. Statistics from the Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO) highlight the risks, revealing that there is an average of 115,555 total traffic crashes statewide every year. Almost 49,200 people suffer injuries, while another 530 victims lose their lives in these motor vehicle accidents. Plus, there are more than 42,400 total collisions that occur in Baltimore City and Baltimore County alone.

The losses for victims can be devastating, so Maryland law protects them by requiring motorists to carry liability insurance. If you were involved in a crash, your first step in the legal process is filing a claim. However, while you are expecting to fill out some forms, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is figuring out ways to deny your claim. Your rights are at risk, so retain an Owings Mills car accident lawyer to protect them. Plus, keep in mind the following tips on what NOT to say to the insurance company after a traffic collision. 

  1. I can provide you with details about my injuries. You should NOT be giving out this information because you could still be treating for your injuries and may not know the full extent of the harm. Plus, you may not be able to explain the specifics if you do not have a medical background. You will have to turn over your medical records eventually, and they can speak for themselves. 
  1. I may have been partly to blame for the accident. NEVER make statements suggesting your actions might have contributed to the crash. The insurer is looking for reasons to not pay you, and blaming you for the collision is a common strategy. Maryland follows the law of contributory negligence, so you would be barred from recovering compensation if you are even slightly at fault. 
  1. Yes, you can record our conversation. Do NOT allow an agent to record your phone discussion, because you could say too much about fault or your injuries. Your statements could lead to a denial, as well as harm your rights during settlement discussions and in court. You might also get caught making inconsistent statements, which can affect your credibility as a witness. 
  1. Sure, I will sign a release to get payment. NEVER sign any document before consulting with an attorney, as you could be signing away your rights. Insurers often make a quick offer, thinking that you will be tempted to take it. However, you may not know the financial impacts and other losses at this early stage. By signing a release, you gave up your chance to seek the full amount of compensation.

Our Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Will Deal with the Insurance Company

 Furman | Honick Law has extensive experience working with insurers, so we will guide you through the claims process and discuss settlement options. To learn more about how we support auto crash victims, please call 410-844-6000 or go online to schedule a free consultation.



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