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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Dog Bite / Do I Need a Rabies Shot After a Dog Bite in Owings Mills?

Do I Need a Rabies Shot After a Dog Bite in Owings Mills?


The aftermath of a dog bite in Owings Mills can be quite distressing for many victims. You may have various thoughts running through your mind, but one particularly pressing concern might involve rabies. This disease can make dogs very aggressive, and you may have been bitten by an infected animal. Do you need a rabies shot after a dog bite in Maryland?

Is a Rabies Shot Really Necessary? 

There is conflicting information about whether rabies shots are truly necessary after dog bites. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that you should always get a rabies shot if you believe you were bitten by a rabid dog. Even if you suspect the dog may have been rabid without clear evidence, the WHO recommends this course of action. Symptoms of rabies in dogs include foaming at the mouth and aggressive behavior.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) takes a slightly different stance, recommending that the owner confine the animal for ten days after the bite. During this period, the CDC states that the animal should be carefully observed for any signs of illness. If these signs become apparent, they should be tested for rabies. Positive test results mean that bite victims should receive a rabies shot.

The CDC also points out that the likelihood of rabies in animals varies by region. Therefore, it recommends reaching out to public health officials in the local area of the animal attack for instruction. This is particularly important if you were bitten by an escaped or wild dog. In Maryland, rabies is more commonly associated with wild animals (particularly bats) and not domesticated dogs.

How Much Does a Rabies Shot Cost in Maryland? 

Proper rabies treatment after exposure can cost thousands of dollars. Although this might seem excessive, victims should not avoid this potentially life-saving treatment due to financial limitations. Remember, you can receive compensation for all your medical costs if you file a dog bite lawsuit alongside a qualified injury attorney. These cases are relatively straightforward, and you should always play it safe when it comes to rabies.

 Find a Qualified, Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer in Maryland 

After getting medical treatment for your dog bite, consider a consultation with an experienced Baltimore dog bite lawyer. With help from a dog bite attorney at Furman | Honick, you can hold negligent parties liable for your injuries. This might include dog owners, landlords, and other parties who allowed your dog bite to happen. Perhaps most crucially, a dog bite lawsuit can provide you with compensation for your medical expenses – including rabies shots. Book your consultation with Furman Honick today to get started with an action plan.




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