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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / Injured by an Amazon Van While Biking in Baltimore: Your Next Legal Steps

Injured by an Amazon Van While Biking in Baltimore: Your Next Legal Steps


If you were injured by an Amazon van while riding your bicycle in Baltimore, you may have a number of questions on your mind. For starters, you may be wondering who will pay for your missed wages and medical expenses. You might also be wondering how you’re going to recover from the emotional distress, pain, and trauma of this incident. Perhaps most importantly, you may be wondering whether Amazon will experience any consequences for causing your injuries.

 When Is an Amazon Van Driver Liable for a Bicycle Accident?

 You can hold an Amazon driver liable for your bicycle accident if they contributed to your injuries in any way. This generally involves some kind of negligence. A common example involves pulling out from a driveway or parking spot without warning. If the driver failed to indicate or check their mirrors before pulling out, this constitutes a traffic violation and a clear act of negligence. You may have been sideswiped or struck by the van while passing.

Another common bicycle accident involves right-hand turns. If you were attempting to move through an intersection and an Amazon van suddenly veered right, you might have struck the van as a result. Amazon van drivers are fully responsible for your injuries if they “cut you off” in this manner.

“Dooring” is another common type of bicycle accident associated with delivery vans. This type of accident occurs when a driver suddenly opens their door into the path of a passing cyclist. The subsequent impact can eject the cyclist, causing head injuries and much more.

Who Do I Sue After a Bicycle Accident Caused by a Delivery Van? 

If you were injured by a delivery van while riding your bicycle in Baltimore, suing the driver may seem like the obvious course of action. However, it may be more beneficial to sue delivery companies – particularly if you have suffered serious injuries. Companies generally have more extensive insurance coverage, and you can pursue settlements that cover your full range of damages. In contrast, individual drivers may only have the ability to pay for part of your damages.

Suing Amazon itself may be challenging, as this tech company shields itself from liability by hiring third-party delivery contractors. However, some plaintiffs have successfully sued Amazon for these delivery van accidents – and this can potentially lead to higher settlements. After all, Amazon is a tech company worth many billions of dollars – and it makes sense to target the company that has the most funds to cover your damages.

 Find a Qualified, Experienced Delivery Driver Accident Lawyer in Baltimore 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced car accident lawyer in Baltimore, look no further than Furman Honick. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured cyclists – and we know how dangerous Amazon delivery vans can be. Although the road to recovery may seem daunting after one of these crashes, you’re not alone. Book a consultation today to discuss your options for consultation – and hold Amazon accountable for your injuries.




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