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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / Evidence to Collect at the Scene After a Maryland Car Accident

Evidence to Collect at the Scene After a Maryland Car Accident


Car accidents are a problem throughout the US, and they are unfortunately more likely to occur in urban areas where the traffic and congestion create challenges. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation (MD DOT), there are 115,555 motor vehicle crashes that occur statewide every year. More than 42,000, around 36 percent, occur in Baltimore City and County. Thousands of victims suffer physical, emotional, and financial losses that can be life-changing.

If you were hurt in an auto collision, it is reassuring to know that you can recover compensation for your losses. You will have to file an insurance claim, and it is possible that you will have to go to court to obtain fair monetary damages. Therefore, getting evidence at the scene of the crash is essential. You can count on your Owings Mills car accident lawyer to handle legal matters, but you should do your best to collect certain details.

 Evidence to Gather After an Auto Accident: You are required by law to exchange your contact and driver’s license information, and it is important to call 911 to get first responders on the way. Then, grab your cell phone to capture video and photos of the following details:

  • Damage to vehicles;
  • The intersection or stretch of road;
  • All traffic controls, including lights, signs, and lane markings;
  • Any physical evidence of a crash, such as skid marks; and,
  • Weather and traffic conditions.

In addition, if you notice any witnesses that may have observed the crash but were not involved, attempt to get their contact information. They may be able to prove insight on how the accident happened, and the recollections of a neutral witness are credible evidence. Plus, you should scan around to assess what businesses are nearby. A security camera may have video footage.

 Why Evidence is Critical for Your Claim: You will need proof of fault for a car accident claim, and the theory of liability for these cases is negligence. To recover compensation, you must prove that the collision occurred as the direct result of the at-fault motorist’s unsafe driving. At the same time, you need evidence to disprove any allegations that you were responsible for causing the accident.

As far as its role in the legal process, evidence is critical when filing an insurance claim. Insurers will not pay unless there is sufficient proof that their own policyholder was at fault. You will need this information when attempting to negotiate a settlement with the company. Plus, if the insurer refuses to pay and you have to sue in court, you will need evidence to prove your case.

 Rely on a Baltimore County Car Accident Attorney for Help

When you gather evidence at the scene after an auto crash, you support your lawyer’s efforts to get the compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to amounts for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. For additional details, please contact Furman | Honick Law. You can call 410-844-6000 or go online to schedule a free case review at our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore.



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