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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Car Accident / Struck by a Napping Tesla Driver in Owings Mills: Can I Sue?

Struck by a Napping Tesla Driver in Owings Mills: Can I Sue?


Numerous viral clips seem to show Tesla drivers napping behind the wheel, and this is causing serious concern for residents of Owings Mills. It goes without saying that a sleeping driver is completely unable to avoid collisions, and Tesla’s self-driving software has repeatedly failed to detect vehicles. If you were struck and injured by a napping Tesla driver, you might be wondering whether you can sue.

Is Napping Behind the Wheel a Form of Negligence? 

Numerous jurisdictions have established clear laws regarding sleeping in self-driving cars. That being said, the law regarding this issue is still in its infancy, and courts have yet to rule decisively on crashes involving napping drivers. It is fair to say that if Highway Patrol or local law enforcement in Owings Mills sees someone sleeping behind the wheel of a moving car, they will likely pull them over – regardless of any technology involved.

Although Tesla drivers might argue that their self-driving software allows them to sleep with no issues, law enforcement would likely take a very dim view of the practice. Furthermore, official Tesla guidelines state that you must remain ready to take the wheel at the slightest sign of an error or self-driving issue. All of this would suggest that napping in a self-driving vehicle is not only a sign of negligence, but it is also probably illegal.

Those who wish to test this theory will probably receive a wide range of traffic tickets from police officers. Although there is no specific traffic law against napping in a self-driving vehicle, officers may issue citations such as distracted driving and reckless driving when they see these vehicles zooming around.

Who Could You Sue After an Accident Involving a Napping Tesla Driver? 

The most obvious culprit in this situation is the napping Tesla driver. If you can establish that their decision to sleep behind the wheel constitutes a form of negligence (something that most judges should agree with), you can sue them directly and recover compensation.

However, this might not be the most beneficial course of action from a logical and financial perspective. Technically speaking, it is the software that causes the accident in this situation – and therefore liability may fall instead on Tesla. Suing Tesla presents the possibility for a much greater settlement, as this tech company has access to near-limitless funds.

Each crash is slightly different, and injured plaintiffs should consult with their injury lawyers to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Tesla Accident Lawyer in Owings Mills 

If you’ve been searching for an experienced Baltimore car accident lawyer, look no further than Furman Honick. Over the years, we have helped numerous accident victims – including those harmed by negligent Tesla drivers. We are all too familiar with the level of recklessness these drivers exhibit, and we can help you hold them accountable. Book your consultation today to begin pursuing compensation for your injuries.




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