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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Misdiagnosis / Suing for a Missed Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Baltimore

Suing for a Missed Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Baltimore


According to John Hopkins Medicine, there are over 30,000 new breast cancer cases documented in Maryland each year. This represents the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in the state. Unfortunately, many of these diagnoses come far too late – and numerous women die needlessly simply because their health care providers failed them. Breast cancer is the fifth-leading cause of death for women around the world, and we must do everything we can to reduce this number. One way to improve this situation is to file a medical malpractice claim in Baltimore against the health care provider that failed to properly diagnose breast cancer.

Why Is Early Detection So Important for Breast Cancer? 

According to the University of Maryland, early detection ensures the highest possibility of successful treatment for breast cancer patients. A particularly early diagnosis can help women avoid radical treatments, such as mastectomy. Even more importantly, early detection allows doctors to halt cancer in its tracks – before it spreads to other parts of the body. Removal of breast tissue is one of the most traumatic things a woman can endure – but even this radical procedure pales in comparison to cancerous cells spreading to other parts of the body – including vital organs.

How Often Should Medical Providers Search for Potential Breast Cancer? 

Although the patient shoulders some responsibility for carrying out self-exams, doctors must also routinely search for these tumors as part of the normal check-up process. The frequency of these breast exams depends on the age and health of each patient. Generally speaking, older women may require more frequent breast exams. Not only that, but they may also require more extensive examinations – including mammograms. Younger women may be instructed to book breast exams only once every few years.

Can I Sue if My Doctor Failed to Detect My Breast Cancer? 

It may be possible to sue your doctor or a health care provider for failing to detect your breast cancer. If you can show that the doctor departed from normal procedures in a notable way, they may be held accountable. For example, your doctor might have failed to schedule mammograms or carry out routine breast exams over the course of many years – despite you being at risk due to your age bracket.

Find a Missed Breast Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer in Baltimore 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Baltimore misdiagnosis lawyer, look no further than Furman Honick. With our help, you can strive for positive results and push back against negligent doctors who failed to diagnose your breast cancer. This may not cure cancer, but it can provide justice and closure for those who have suffered needlessly. In addition, a medical malpractice lawsuit can provide you with compensation for all of the various financial losses you have suffered due to the missed diagnosis – including medical expenses and missed wages. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.




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