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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Personal Injury / Unsafe Uber Dropoffs: Can I Sue?

Unsafe Uber Dropoffs: Can I Sue?


Uber drivers often drop off passengers in unsafe locations. If you were injured after an unsafe Uber dropoff in Maryland, you might be wondering whether you can sue. To explore this possibility in more detail, consider a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. These legal professionals can assess your situation and determine whether a lawsuit makes sense.

Examples of Unsafe Uber Dropoffs 

Uber drivers may drop off passengers in extremely unsafe ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Highway Dropoffs: Uber drivers sometimes drop off passengers on the side of highways. The risk of injury is obvious, and passengers may face high-speed impacts from passing vehicles.
  • Icy Sidewalk Dropoffs: Uber passengers often find themselves stepping out of vehicles and onto extremely icy surfaces. Uber drivers should avoid dropoffs at these icy, snowy areas if at all possible.
  • Busy Traffic Dropoffs: Even if the Uber driver does not drop off the passenger on a highway, there may still be busy traffic on city or rural roads.
  • Bike Lane Dropoffs: Uber drivers often block bike lanes when pulling over. Not only does this put cyclists in danger, but it also increases hazards for passengers. After stepping out of the vehicle, a passenger may be struck and injured by a fast-moving cyclist.
  • Broken Sidewalk Dropoffs: Some Uber drivers drop off their passengers in walking areas with serious defects and repair issues. A passenger may trip and fall after stepping onto a sidewalk with excessive cracks or potholes.
  • Moving Vehicle Dropoffs: In serious cases, Uber passengers may forcibly eject their passengers from moving vehicles. The risk of serious injury or death is high in this situation.

Why Do Uber Drivers Drop Off Passengers in Unsafe Locations?

 Uber drivers often drop off passengers unsafely after disputes. An emotional, combative driver may suddenly demand that a passenger exit their vehicle. This dispute might stem from payment arguments, miscommunications, or even conflicts in music preferences. Whatever the case may be, the Uber driver may arbitrarily and suddenly dump the passenger on the side of the road. Passengers may then find themselves with no transport options – and in extremely dangerous locations.

 Why Are Unsafe Dropoffs So Dangerous? 

Unsafe dropoffs are often particularly dangerous because passengers tend to be impaired by alcohol. After all, many passengers specifically choose Uber because they’re trying to be responsible after excessive drinking. Unfortunately, this makes them even more vulnerable to slips, trips, and falls. They may also be more vulnerable to impacts from passing vehicles.

Find an Experienced Unsafe Uber Dropoff Lawyer in Maryland 

Furman Honick Law can help if you were injured after an unsafe Uber dropoff in Owings Mills. We have plenty of experience with rideshare accident lawsuits, and we can guide you toward the compensation you need. Uber drivers have a legal responsibility to provide safe transport – and this duty does not end when you leave the vehicle. To learn more about your legal options, book a consultation with our Baltimore personal injury lawyers today.




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