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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / General / Investigation Continues On Pedestrian Hit And Run In Maryland

Investigation Continues On Pedestrian Hit And Run In Maryland


As family and friends mourn the loss of their loved one in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident, officials continue their investigation into the identity of the at-fault driver. According to a January 11, 2023 report from The Bay Net, Maryland State Police were dispatched to I-97 after a report of a collision involving a person on foot. A preliminary investigation reveals that the 54-year-old male was struck by two vehicles, including a dark-colored Audi and a silver Nissan. Both drivers fled the scene, and police alerted the public to be on the lookout for front-end damage to vehicles matching these descriptions.

Leaving the scene of a fatal or injury-causing accident is illegal, but injured victims and their families are more concerned about the losses that affect their lives. Fortunately, you do have options for seeking compensation, even when you do not know the identity of the at-fault driver. An Owings Mills pedestrian accident lawyer can employ many tactics to enforce your rights, so read on for some basics.

 Investigating Hit and Run Collisions: Because fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime, you will likely get some support from law enforcement as they conduct their probe. One important source of evidence to identify who was responsible for hitting the pedestrian is surveillance video footage. Many businesses have security cameras that may have recorded information, which could lead to a positive ID of the vehicle. Plus, the police request for details from the public may lead witnesses to come forward with their recollections.

Even with some basic information about a vehicle, a few numbers from a license plate, and details about dents or damage, it is possible to narrow down a long list to a short one. From there, you can trace back to the owner. That person may or may not have been driving, but you can at least obtain insurance information.

 Tips for Victims of Hit and Run Accidents: One important recommendation would help in hindsight, and that is obtaining Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This coverage is optional, but it would pay damages in a hit-and-run – even for pedestrians who are not in a motorized vehicle. PIP pays medical expenses and up to 85 percent of lost wages. However, many policyholders opt out of this add-on because of the additional cost.

Some additional tips include:

  • Try to get a few numbers from the vehicle’s license plate as it speeds away.
  • Note whether the plates are out of state, along with any other unique features of the vehicle.
  • Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Write down the names of businesses in the area of the accident, which usually has security cameras. 

Speak to a Baltimore County Pedestrian Accident Attorney About Remedies

These tips should help you navigate the aftermath of a pedestrian crash, but you can count on Furman | Honick Law to take on the legal challenges with hit and runs. For more information, please call 410-844-6000 or go online to schedule a free consultation at our Owings Mills or Baltimore offices.



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