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Pictures To Take After A Maryland Car Accident


Being involved in an auto crash is overwhelming even when it is minor, so you can imagine the chaos after a fatal or injury-causing collision. Unfortunately, statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MD DOT) reveal that traffic collisions are common. There are more than 115,500 motor vehicle crashes every year in Maryland, leading to an average of 530 deaths and 49,180 injured victims. As you might expect, many of these tragic incidents take place in urban areas with heavy traffic. In fact, 36 percent of all traffic crashes in Maryland take place in the Baltimore area.

It can be difficult to make sense of things after being hurt in a car crash, but you know that the first steps should be calling 911 and getting proper medical care. From there, your efforts should turn to investigation. There are many ways you can support the efforts of your Owings Mills car accident lawyer when the time comes to seek damages for your losses. If you are safely able based upon your physical condition, grab your cell phone to capture pictures of:

Damage to Vehicles: There will be dents, scratches, and scuffed paint in most auto collisions, and the effects of the crash impact are even more extreme in serious accidents. An underride crash with a large truck could take off the roof of a passenger vehicle, while sideswipe collisions could rip the doors off. Take photos and video of all details, and do not overlook the tires, side mirrors, and fenders.

 Conditions at the Scene: The area surrounding the crash might contain a wealth of evidence that could be used to support your claim, including:

  • Traffic signs and signals;
  • Positioning and final resting place of the vehicles involved;
  • Lane markings and traffic controls painted on street surfaces;
  • Any obstacles that impede visibility;
  • Weather conditions at the time of the crash;
  • Businesses and buildings in the vicinity;
  • Traffic conditions;
  • Skid marks and other physical indications of a collision; and,
  • Any other information that you think may be relevant.

Injuries to Victims: Pictures of the injuries are not as credible or useful as medical records, but they may still be helpful. These images are your injuries in the raw, so they are often compelling. You will have general medical records when you receive treatment, and the pictures could be helpful as support.

 How Pictures Help Your Case: The reason to take pictures is to gather evidence for your case, but they are specifically useful as proof of negligence. The placement and location of dents and scratches could indicate that the at-fault driver rear-ended you, broadsided your vehicle, or T-boned your vehicle. Accident reconstruction experts can use this information to recreate the crash and determine who was responsible for causing it.

 Our Maryland Car Accident Attorneys Will Handle Evidence Issues

It is encouraging to know that you can support your own claim by taking pictures after an auto crash, but you can rely on Furman | Honick Law to manage legal tasks. For more information, please call 410-844-6000 or go online to set up a free consultation at our offices in Owings Mills or Baltimore.



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